First Memories of Tablerock

My first memory of Tablerock was before any of the houses were built. Joe sent me pictures of the wild horses and dirt piled up everywhere. I could not believe that was where he was moving us to. We have so many fond memories of Tablerock life and many sad memories also. Tablerock Village was a great place for our children to grow up. So many were not so lucky to have the friendships and the love that came from Tablerock.  Judy Burrows



  1. Doc

    Well said, Judy. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Kevin Hardesty

    I too grew up at Table Rock and would have to say it was the best time of my life. How many kids can say they grew up with 20+ dads and moms. Some of you dads had a huge part in my life and I will never forget it. You taught me to ride a motorcycle, hunt, football, baseball and much much more. We had many moms that watched over us and made sure we were not getting into trouble. We made friendships with kids that we are still very close to 20+ years later. Since facebook has come along some of the kids and parents have gotten back in touch and when talking to them it seems like it was yesterday that we talked and it has been great. To those of you that think it would of been weird to live at Table Rock, you have no clue what you missed. To this day I am very proud to say that I lived at and love Table Rock, good and the bad times!! To all the parents and kids I grew up with, thank you for being a part of my life then and now!!

  3. When I moved to Table Rock I was was only 6 months old and was there until I graduated and left to find my way in the world. I have so many memories of my time there. I remember my dad teaching me to ride my first bike. I remember going to the gym and roller skating so we didn’t hurt ourselves on the road, I spent hours and hours roller skating in that gym. I remember my first ride on a motorcylce was with the Proberts boys, while Malinda was babysitting me. I remember my first and only set of stiches I got while I was at the Adams house and I was being chased around the house by Mike, I feel down the stairs hitting my head on a chest at the bottom 🙂 All the girl scout meetings and events are too many to name, but shaped a big part of who I am today. Sledding on big hill, and building forts in the desert until we were old enough to stake our claim on “the fort”. I remember wating to be one of the older kids and looking up to those that were, Kevin, Sherri, Brittany, Malinda, to name only few of many. All the Christmas parties and easter egg hunts as a kid and the dances (lol) as a teen. I was taught to waltz at Kevin’s reception by Steve ( that memory is a cherished one). I learned how to drive in the desert and even taught a couple of the younger generation to drive as well. Another memory that stand out is all of us playing a prank on Jan and meeting at one bus stop ( I have pictures somewhere). The city wide garage sale, I got a strawberry shortcake playhouse that day from Heather H that looked like a big strawberry **score**! I big snow storm that closed the village down (have pics of this somewhere too) The hours and hours and hours spent on the bus, doing homework, hair, makeup, or trying to catch a few more minutes of sleep. Then there is ditch’em, who can forget that. Ruby cakes…. I had a few!!! Staying off that “certain” lawn by threat of death hahaha!! Countless hours of girl time and sleepovers with some of the best friends a girl can ever have and that I still have today!! My working carrer started in Table Rock babysitting, these kids have now grown and have families of there own. And of course there is the fire, that day in May back in 86 will always be a part of my family’s life. Finally in Table Rock I learned the value of life and the promise that it one day ends (sometimes, way to soon), first with the passing of little Casey and last with the passing of my own father. And now with the “passing” of the village itself There is so many things I have taken from my days at TRV some rewarding, and valuable, some useless and trivial, but all a major part of me!!

  4. Cory Henson

    I agree with all of you. TRV was the best place to grow up. Amy, I remember that day in 86 as I was on my second week at MHSC. I was a little mishevious back then and trouble always seemed to find me! I am sorry for the times that I picked on those younger than me and am thankful for the times that “The Big Kids” kicked my a$$ and put me in my place. I am proud to say that I grew up there and am honored to have been a part of it’s history.

  5. Lisa Vermillion

    I remember going to the first meeting about Table Rock when they were recruiting families to move there. I Was awe struck by the beauty of Wyoming and told Randy sign us up. We went on the five year plan, that stretched into over 20 years in Wyoming. Would not trade one day of our time at Table Rock for any thing. I am who I am because of Table Rock. I credit some of those original ladies for showing me how to be a wife and mother. Carmen and Wayne Wagoner became my Wyoming mom and dad. Tears come to my eyes just thiking about them. Lisa Vermillion

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