What Was Table Rock, Wyoming?

Table Rock Road coming up!If you happen to be traveling I-80 in southwestern Wyoming, take a moment to look southward as you pass Exit 150, where a sign reads, “Table Rock Road”. There’s an odd break in the prairie landscape there, where a few trees don’t appear to “belong”.  Those trees remain as the only testament in the landscape to what was once Table Rock Village.

Tabe Rock housesOnce in a while, something special happens in a community that makes it worthy of remembrance. This was such a place. It won’t be in the history books. Its demise didn’t make national headlines. Nevertheless, this little “company camp” shaped the lives of an incredible number of people in a unique and special way. For a few decades, those few acres of the Red Desert were home to a group of modern pioneers. Those individuals carry the spirit of the community with them today and are passing it on to new generations.

This site and an upcoming book will tell the story of this unique community and the challenging, yet incredibly rewarding lifestyle of the residents. Table Rock Village was a vibrant, vital community and not only piqued the curiosity of travelers, but played an important role in Wyoming’s industrial development in the late 20th century. For that reason and many others, it deserves to be remembered.

The pages and blog archives on this site will give visitors an overview of the village, the reason it was there, and an idea of what made it special. We made Table Rock. It made us.

About Dana

I spent 7 years at Table Rock with my wife, daughter and son. After transferring in from the Amarillo, Texas survey crew, I worked as a Plant Operator at Table Rock Processing Plant and later as a General Technician. Like most Table Rockers, life in Table Rock Village and working (and playing) in the Wyoming Red Desert had a great impact on the person I became. I now make my living as a freelance writer and I am working on a book about Table Rock and how it shaped the lives of the residents. I hope to share the stories of fellow Table Rockers as well as my own.

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