How to make Coconut oil that’s Cannabis-Infused 

Preparing coconut oil with cannabis is similar to how you might with cannabutter, and it’s pretty fun to make, and it can be great for many people. It takes a few hours, creating infusions, and it can be very nutritious. 

The First Step 

Your first step is decarboxylation. This is where you turn the THCA into THC, which is what will get you high. You need heat in order to do this. Once heated up, it removes the carboxylic acid from this, making it a psychotropic that’s ready to use. 

You can preheat your oven and grind up the material in a fine manner. Spread this across a baking sheet evenly at the top of a tray. Bake this for up to 45 mins, which is enough for it to be decarboxylated. After that, pull this out, wait for the buds to cool down, and then infuse with the oil. 

Making the oil  

Next, you need to make the oil. The longer you cook it, the stronger the capsules will be, so you should definitely be mindful of the time that you’ll need. First, you need 1.25 liters of distilled water. You also need 50 grams of the buds, and 250 mL of organic coconut oil. 

You also will need a cooking pot, some cheesecloth, a container with a lid, and some rubber bands. You should first combine the cannabis and the oil together into a cooking pot. Heat this up, and then let it simmer for up to 3 hours it can sometimes scorch if you do stir this. If it’s over 300 degrees, it’ll burn the cannabis, so make sure that it’s stirred so scorching doesn’t happen. 

From there set up a cheesecloth over the top part of a glass reservoir. Put the mixture into the reservoir, and make sure that the cheesecloth takes the plant matter that’s there. Take the mixture and then discard the plant and then put it in the fridge. Wait about 12 hours to separate out the oil and then put the rest of the liquid in the drain. You’ll want to have the infusion protected when it’s not being used, and don’t let direct sunlight hit it. 

How to Use This 

You can use this in a few ways. The first is a “neat” which is basically a cannabis-infused oil that you can put underneath your tongue, or even drizzle on top of things. Some people like to have this because it’s the simplest way to do oil infusions. Another cool thing is to add a dose of this to your coffee. This is great if you like to have Sativa strains since it offer an enjoyable experience and buzz. Even adding full-fat milk or cream helps to make this even better. 

It can also be used for lube and latex.  This is something for people who are curious about cannabis and how it works with sex and is a fun way to experiment. Another way to do it, and a very popular means, is canna caps. These are little soft gel caps that offer a specific amount of cannabis coconut oil. They’re convenient, but also quite potent as well, and is something that people do enjoy. 

For a lot of people, cannabis in this way is a unique and interesting approach, and it’s something that, with the right amount of time and commitment, you’ll be able to really get the best results possible out of this, and truly make it worth it for you in the long haul if you want to get the most that you can. 

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