The Close of Another Year

Happy New Year 2018

Well, here we are closing out another year. Looking back at the few posts I made in 2017, it seems I’ve been writing nothing but bad news; basically just stories of the loss of members of our Table Rock family. I guess it’s hard to find anything new to say about a place that, to most of the world, no longer exists.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve considered taking this site down several times. I often feel it’s served its purpose and with both the village and the plant gone, perhaps it’s time to just let it go. We have an active Facebook group and it’s easy to keep up with each other there. For Table Rockers, this site isn’t much more than just another bit of nostalgia. I’ve never really put any effort into promoting it and it’s not breaking any traffic records.

The thing is, at least once a year, someone from outside our little family takes the time to leave a “Thank you” note. Every once in a while, it helps to satisfy someone’s curiosity about the place they used to drive by out there in the middle of nowhere. What’s more, those visitors usually mention that the posts and information here speak to them about the spirit of Table Rock and America. This year was no exception and for me, that’s enough.

So, in the next few days, I’ll update the pages again – they seriously need it – and I’ll continue to post anything that seems relevant or inspiring. The site will continue to be available for the curious and if it helps someone realize that there’s a better way than the compartmentalized lifestyle so many are living, then it’s worth it.

Wow, I went off the deep end, there, huh? I’m okay now. Don’t call the police or anything. I’m fine. Perfectly sane. The only sane one here. 🙂

Happy New Year, Table Rockers and friends! May 2018 bring peace, joy, love and prosperity to your homes!



About Dana

I spent 7 years at Table Rock with my wife, daughter and son. After transferring in from the Amarillo, Texas survey crew, I worked as a Plant Operator at Table Rock Processing Plant and later as a General Technician. Like most Table Rockers, life in Table Rock Village and working (and playing) in the Wyoming Red Desert had a great impact on the person I became. I now make my living as a freelance writer and I am working on a book about Table Rock and how it shaped the lives of the residents. I hope to share the stories of fellow Table Rockers as well as my own.

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