Cannabis and Asthma 

Some people may wonder if they can have cannabis if they have asthma. Asthma does make it harder to consume cannabis in some ways, but in other ways, it’s actually not always a bad thing. Here, we’ll go over what it can do for asthmatic persons who decide they want to partake in this herb. 

How it Affects patients 

While there are tons of ways to utilize cannabis, the most popular ways is of course, smoking, and it can be something that a lot of people enjoy. The biggest thing to look at are the studies. It does have a bronchodilator effect, which basically means that it does loosen the muscles to help with this, creating a more soothing effect. 

One problem though, is that if you smoke it, it does cause irritation of the airways. It doesn’t lead to chronic bronchitis, but it can sometimes happen if you’re not careful as well. 

Smoke Marijuana? 

Some people may wonder if they should smoke marijuana while having asthma. Well, it depends. For some people, it actually can cause problems with the lunges. There are fluid-filled sacs which can develop in the lungs themselves if you decide to smoke. This can be quite annoying, and if you already have asthma, you’re not going to want to deal with this. 

The problem as well is that bullae does create pneumothorax, which is called collapsed lung, and that’s life-threatening as well. It also causes other short-term problems as well, which include: 

  • Shortness of breath 
  • Wheezing 
  • Phlegm development 
  • A larger and worser cough. 
  • Infections in the lungs 

So you probably won’t want to smoke it, and it ca be something that you avoid because well, it’s not fun. But what else can you do? 


Vaping is another one, and while some say it is the healthier option, it’s still potentially a it of a problem. While it does take out the carcinogenic that are in there, it also can be a bit irritating on the lungs themselves and may cause other problems in some cases. 

If you want to do it like this, it’s something that is possible, but it does still have some risk as well. In general, it’s the best alternative to smoking for those consumers who want to still intake it through the airways, but don’t want to smoke weed. 

Cannabis inhalers 

Thanks, legalization, for this one. It’s actually totally legal for those with asthma to actually use an inhaler for consuming cannabis. They’re similar to vapes, and it’s something that offers a precise doe for you. It works similar to inhalers that asthmatics use, and it actually offers the same amount with every single puff, so you’re not overconsuming this in any sort of way. 

The inhalers used are typically dominant in CBD, so always make sure to read the labels in a careful sense if you do need one for CBD, or for something else. The cool thing about this is that with inhalers, they’re pretty inconspicuous too, which means that you can slip this into the pocket and also take some puffs whenever you want to, and if someone does see you consuming like this, they pretty much assume that you’re using an inhaler, so it offers a lot more freedom too. 

Most asthmatics can handle this, and some people may enjoy this, but if you find that you can’t handle THC when consumed with smoking, stop before it gets worse and consider one of the alternative forms of treatment for asthma with cannabis to get the best results you can. 

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