How to Dose Cannabis Correctly 

Cannabis is something that should be dosed correctly in order to offer the best results possible. Here are some ways for you to calculate cannabis so that you do it right. 

Calculating dried Bud 

The first thing that you need to learn is how to calculate how much THC is in a bud. If you know a bit about this, it’ll help you understand how much you are. You can actually multiply the percentage of THC times the percentage of the dried bud. 

So for example, if thee THC content is 16% in a strain, and you have 500 MG of this, you calculate that there will be .8 mg THC for every single gram of weed you consume. This only works though if you get this from a dispensary or shop that actually tells you about this. You should always ask the budtender if you’re buying from a dispensary in order to understand the full potency of what you’re getting. 

CBD in CBD Oil 

How you determine this is based on the CBD mL in the body, but that can be a bit risky in most cases, especially if you don’t have the percentages there. If you’re given the total CBD in the bottle, you pretty much divide the tops in there for the mL. however, that doesn’t say the full CBD in the bottle, but you can multiply all of this based on the total mg that’s in the bottle. Even with everything provided is based on the mL of liquid alone with the CBD percentage, you can also just figure this out too. 

So let’s say something is 40% CBD oil and has a 10 mL bottle that contains 200 drops per bottle, you are pretty much multiply the 20 mg of CBD in this, and the amount of drops, to give you the total milligrams in every single bottle. This is also done the same way where you take the total, and then divide it by the number of drops as well, offering you a better way to calculate all of this. It’s important to consider these formulations, especially if you’re interested in making sure how much of this you’re doing. You should try to always work with CBD oils that have this proper dosing information on them. 

Vape Labels and Other Packaging types 

Fi you have a way to get cannabis legally, you probably don’t understand how the vape cartridge percentages work. It’s good to know, and overall, you pretty much just have to read the packaging so that you can be careful and find out the potency and dosing. Vapes and other substances will actually have labels that discuss the amount of cannabinoids that are there. Edibles usually have the same information on this as well, and also how much of this is there per dose. 

Dosing edibles is simple: they’re all pretty much 10 milligrams of either THC or CBD per serving. You just have to pick this carefully. When cooking, you calculate the edible strength by having the amount of grams of the butter or other edible and the grams of THC and the percentage of this. 

You calculate the total flower and multiply it by the THC content.  From there, you can see how much is in the entire amount that you have, and then, you divide that number by how many grams of butter or oil that you’re using. Calculating this can prevent you from having too much, and it’s a good way to ensure that you’re not overdoing it on cannabis consumption as well too. 

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