Cannabidiol and sleep 

 CBD is something used for a lot of conditions, but did you know it’s really good for sleep. It’s accepted on average that most people need about 6-8 hours of sleep each night, but there is a minority that can have as little as five hours without any problems. The consequences of this do impact all parts of a person’s well-being. This actually does age you in a premature sense, does impact how you make decisions, and does decrease the performance that you have athletically, and does increase chances for injury. Alcohol and drugs are not the best kind of sleep either, but CBD can help. 

How CBD Helps 

CBD does help because it has a variety of effects on your endocannabinoid receptors, and also helps with producing anandamide. A lot of insomniacs tend to have a lot of problems, in that they think too much, and they suffer from this rumination every single night. Some have PTSD and other problems that keep them awake, including depression. 

It does make things much worse if you do add sleeplessness to everything as well. CBD could help with the tension along with the rumination and nervousness that does contribute to the insomnia that’s there. In one study, it was found that after taking 25 mg of capsules every single night, it actually markedly reduced anxiety levels within the first month, and about 2/3 of them do help with sleeping habits. 

Another study in 2014 did reveal that CBD does help with wakefulness, reducing the grogginess and the daytime sleepiness, which many of us do think is considered normal in most of our sleep patterns. It’s also good for those who are stressed and struggle to sleep. Maybe you’ve got an exam that’s causing you to feel a little bit worried, or maybe you’re about to do something big and different. 

It’s important to make sure that you understand that chronic stress does cause digestive and heart problems, along with depression, and it can even impact the brain chemistry and cause major neurological issues later on down the line. 

CBD may help by reducing the tension and the nervousness and feelings that cause this. According to a study in 2011, it was found that an improvement on performance anxiety was discovered in those who had a social phobia and took this, and it actually can help to the extension learning of the memories that are there, which actually is used to take out not just anxiety, but the triggers of the conditions that are there. 

Managing Pain 

There is also chronic pain that causes people to lie awake at night, but CBD may be one of the ways to fix this, and it’s good for people both young and old. It was found in a 2006 study that it can actually suppress the pain and the inflammation. It also helps with the immune cell migration so that it doesn’t cause inflammation too. 

Side Effects 

Is there any side effects of CBD when you take this? They’re minor and relatively uncommon. It sometimes causes a larger or smaller change in the intake of food, and in one person it did make their heart rate and blood pressure increase, and it does cause the body temperature to get higher. But these were all found outside of the organism itself, and it’s something that isn’t really that bad, so long as you have it in a responsible manner. Yes, you can use CBD to manage the pain that’s there, and also help with getting a more restful sleep as well for you too.  

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