When to transplant your Cannabis plant 

Healthy roots oftentimes mean strong plants, but there’s only so much that you can do with growth of this. Transplanting your cannabis is important, and here, we’ll go over why that is. 

Why Transplant this 

Unlike hydroponics, growing in soil mediums means that they’ll have to be transplanted in order to make them grow. This is because of root expansion, and they do end up needing more and more space to grow. This can be a bit of a pain, especially for those who are trying to accommodate the space, but you’ll be limiting your plant if you don’t actually transplant it to something bigger down the line. 

How often to Transplant 

Contrary to what’s said in the beginning, you don’t have to transplant, but you should for maximum yield. Plants do grow a bit faster in pots that are smaller, but after a while, they do run the risk of being overwatered and overfed as well. If you start these in small containers and cups, you also run the potential risk of fungi and other stuff as well, especially when you’re growing in tiny containers. 

Eventually, you will have to move to something bigger. A good way to know when you have to transplant is if you see that the seeding lings have three nodes. You can then transplant them to areas that are larger than what they have, something double their size. Eventually, they move all the way up to the large containers which help to elevate growth. Typically, you need to do this about 2-3 times for best results, and don’t try to re-pot too much, or else it will stress out the plants, which is not good for anyone. 

Signs it’s time to transplant 

The thing with transplanting cannabis is that there are certain signs that actually determine that it’s time for the plant to be moved. The size of the plant is the first and most obvious. If the plant did outgrow their pot, you definitely will want to transplant it. The nodes are a guideline for this. 

Growth speed is another. If you notice that they’re growing super-fast, you’ll want to transplant it before the growth is stunted.The more leaves that are fanned, the more photosynthesis going on, so they’ll become bigger as a result. Root development is another one. If the plants are rooted, or the roots are coming out of where the plant is, then it’s time for transplanting. 

Another thing is problems with your plant’s watering. If the plant is obtaining too much water way too quickly, chances are you’re going to need a vessel which is a bit larger. Finally, growing problems. If you notice the growth has slowed down or is slowed, or there is a sickly appearance, it can be because of nutrient deprivation, and it might be time that they get a bigger container as well. 

In general, you need to look at how your plants are growing as well. It’s good to have a plant that’s grown in a container that’s 30 cm as the final one, and if you have a really big plant, then you’ll want to grow this in a plant that’s 60 cm. Most of them though, are based off the depth that’s there, and you should also be a bit mindful of what you’re using. 

It’s important that if you do notice these signs, don’t take too long or else they’ll get stunted and instead move the plants to the right place so that they can grow and be stronger than before too. 

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