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All About Terpenes

Terpenes are a type of chemical that’s actually produced by cannabis plants and other plants too. This actually is found in different pine plants, oranges, and other plants too. 

Cannabis plants offer over 200 different kinds of terpenes in them alone, and the cultivar has different amounts for each of these and the molecules offer diverse tastes as well. This also is unique to the plant itself, and here, you’ll learn a little bit about it. 

Are they the Same as Cannabinoids

Cannabinoids are another chemical, and while cannabis does produce these, two of the major ones are THC and CBD, and this is specifically in weed and other parts of the plant. Cannabinoids are ones that do directly hit the receptors in order to create the effects. 

Terpenes work with different receptors altogether. But there are molecules called caryophyllene that are both considered terpenes along with cannabinoids, and they do have the scent that’s there, and also help to bind directly to CB2 receptors as well. 

How Terpenes Work

They work in a variety of different ways, and they offer pleasant smells and tastes for a lot of people and play a larger role on the effects of such too. They actually do work together, creating the entourage effect. 

Limonene, pinene, and caryophyllene actually work directly with THC to offer numerous befits to this, and both linalool and CBD have synergy to this as well. Terpenes are also good because they do create the same effects, and other benefits that come with this too. There are different terpenes which offer unique amounts of molecules that can help you get the most out of it. 

Will Terpenes make you high

The thing with terpenes is they don’t work like how THC does, but it’s a lot more subtle in the way that it works. It helps to alter the mood via interaction of dopamine along with serotonin in the body, and both of these are generated directly by the cannabinoids and are tweaked to create noticeable different. Terpenes line limonene do offer stimulating and refreshing sensations, while myrcene do offer a more stoning result from this. 

The cool thing though, is while it can create different sensations, it actually wont’ be showing up on any drug tests that you take. That means that you can have this. This is because the molecule is everywhere, which means that you’ve probably already had this already at some point. Even just walking in a forest or taking a sip of orange juice will offer you this. 

How Terpenes are changing Medical Cannabis

They actually are already being used to create some major changes.  There is actually a relationship that was discovered between both of these creating a future that’s beneficial for these. Many of these users are already looking to see what they can do with full-spectrum concoctions that contain all of this, this, and to see the benefits of such. 

Some cannabis users have already found this, and there might be greater symptomatic benefits from this too. For example, there’s been research which says that limene may actually offer antioxidant benefits that THC has, and it has the ability to enhance the muscle-relaxing elements to this, and linalool may also offer the cannabis and CBD potential to help harness and benefits feelings of anxiety or nervousness. 

Right now though, terpenes are still in early research development, and there will be a lot more to find on the full gamut of researchers, and the feelings that come from this as well, and what it can do for a lot of people too.