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I spent 7 years at Table Rock with my wife, daughter and son. After transferring in from the Amarillo, Texas survey crew, I worked as a Plant Operator at Table Rock Processing Plant and later as a General Technician. Like most Table Rockers, life in Table Rock Village and working (and playing) in the Wyoming Red Desert had a great impact on the person I became. I now make my living as a freelance writer and I am working on a book about Table Rock and how it shaped the lives of the residents. I hope to share the stories of fellow Table Rockers as well as my own.

The Close of Another Year

Well, here we are closing out another year. Looking back at the few posts I made in 2017, it seems I’ve been writing nothing but bad news; basically just stories of the loss of members of our Table Rock family. … Continue reading


Quin Dupree: July 14, 2017

Table Rockers are again heartbroken over the loss of a member of our widespread and diverse family. Quin Dupree, a welder and pipeline inspector, passed suddenly a few days ago. Quin was known to us all as a hard worker, … Continue reading

In Memoriam

Janice Louise (Rothe) Potts

Table Rockers have suffered another heartbreaking loss, as our friend Jan Potts has passed on. Her son, Randy, was kind enough to provide the following beautiful eulogy, so I will simply step aside and share it: It falls to but … Continue reading

In Memoriam, Table Rockers

Table Rock Was What?

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted here – again. In the midst of the chaotic aftermath of the 2016 Presidential election, I find myself thinking once more of life at Table Rock and it occurs to me that … Continue reading


Janie Hamner, November 30, 2015

Table Rockers bid a sad goodbye to yet another member of our  big family this year. Janie is remembered as a second mom to many of the younger residents and a good friend to all.  She took an active role … Continue reading

In Memoriam

Judi Callahan, July 14, 2015

On July 14, 2015, Table Rockers lost another neighbor, friend and Village Mom. She will live on in the memories of her Table Rock family. Rocket-Miner Obituary

In Memoriam

A New Year – and the Final Chapter in the Demise of The Rock

I didn’t post my usual New Year article here this year; it’s been a busy year so far. As it happens, I’m glad I waited, since it turns out that 2014 will be another banner year in a sad sort … Continue reading


The “Big Coin Toss” at the Flare Stack

While reading through some of this year’s posts on the site to gather more book material, a comment by Table Rocker Jim Madden reminded me of one of the hundreds of interesting things I witnessed at the plant – although … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories…

With Thanksgiving on the horizon again, I know I’m not alone in including the opportunity to have lived at Table Rock in my list of things I’m most thankful for. To those who can’t grasp why so many would feel … Continue reading

General, Memories

Happy Independence Day, Table Rockers!

Table Rock was, in many ways, a perfect example of the things that make our country great. Remember when people knew how to work together to build a community and raise children with strong moral principles and a sense of … Continue reading