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All about The Rock

Thankful for What Was

With Thanksgiving only a few hours away, Table Rock comes to mind again, as always. I’ll be forever thankful that I’m one of the few that can call themselves Table Rockers. To have had the opportunity to experience that unique … Continue reading


Remembering Christmas at The Rock

There hasn’t been a Christmas since 1987 that hasn’t made me a little nostalgic for Table Rock. The memories are perhaps a bit more poignant this year, knowing that the village is gone. On the other hand, it has been … Continue reading


Demolition Photos

The demolition of the remaining homes at the village was completed just before 9/1/11. Although this is very sad for most of us to see, I think it’s important to document this part of the Village history, too. I’d like … Continue reading


The Beginning of the End

Well, it’s started – the demolition of our little oasis in the Red Desert has begun. I know I share a whole bag of mixed emotions with my fellow Table Rockers to know this is taking place. I hope to … Continue reading

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Need Posts…

Hey, Table Rockers! I want to be sure you know that this is YOUR blog. Every Table Rocker that registers will be given at least Author privileges. That means that when you log in, you can manage your own posts … Continue reading

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Table Rock Gas Plant

In 1977, the Colorado Interstate Gas Company (CIG) built and commissioned the Table Rock Gas Plant to process and remove sour from the natural gas being produced from nearby Higgins Unit and Table Rock fields. The inlet capacity was modified … Continue reading

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First Memories of Tablerock

My first memory of Tablerock was before any of the houses were built. Joe sent me pictures of the wild horses and dirt piled up everywhere. I could not believe that was where he was moving us to. We have … Continue reading


What Was Table Rock, Wyoming? (original)

On a lonely stretch of Interstate 80 in Southwestern Wyoming, the sign that marks Exit 150 reads, “Table Rock Road”. The surroundings there piqued the curiosity of travelers through the area for three decades. Centered in a seemingly desolate landscape … Continue reading

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