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Personal memories shared by Table Rockers.

The “Big Coin Toss” at the Flare Stack

While reading through some of this year’s posts on the site to gather more book material, a comment by Table Rocker Jim Madden reminded me of one of the hundreds of interesting things I witnessed at the plant – although … Continue reading

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Thanks for the Memories…

With Thanksgiving on the horizon again, I know I’m not alone in including the opportunity to have lived at Table Rock in my list of things I’m most thankful for. To those who can’t grasp why so many would feel … Continue reading

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Where Half of the Village Went

Thanks to Troy Waldner, the current OS at what is now Table Rock Gas Plant, we now have a photographic record of some of the homes that left the Village and made the trip to Rock Springs. For visitors that … Continue reading


Party Time at The Rock

One thing we knew how to do at Table Rock was party! Young and old alike had more than the usual share of fun. When you’re this far out in the sticks, you learn how to entertain yourselves. Of course, … Continue reading


We Even Have Our Own Horror Movie

A 2001 horror movie, entitled Joy Ride, features the Lone Star Motel in Table Rock, Wyoming. Of course, the motel never existed at Table Rock, and the movie wasn’t shot anywhere near the village, but hey, we’re famous! More info