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People who lived here

Quin Dupree: July 14, 2017

Table Rockers are again heartbroken over the loss of a member of our widespread and diverse family. Quin Dupree, a welder and pipeline inspector, passed suddenly a few days ago. Quin was known to us all as a hard worker, … Continue reading

In Memoriam

Janice Louise (Rothe) Potts

Table Rockers have suffered another heartbreaking loss, as our friend Jan Potts has passed on. Her son, Randy, was kind enough to provide the following beautiful eulogy, so I will simply step aside and share it: It falls to but … Continue reading

In Memoriam, Table Rockers

Janie Hamner, November 30, 2015

Table Rockers bid a sad goodbye to yet another member of our  big family this year. Janie is remembered as a second mom to many of the younger residents and a good friend to all.  She took an active role … Continue reading

In Memoriam

Judi Callahan, July 14, 2015

On July 14, 2015, Table Rockers lost another neighbor, friend and Village Mom. She will live on in the memories of her Table Rock family. Rocket-Miner Obituary

In Memoriam

In Memoriam- Tom Henry

Loved Friend, Father, Grandfather Feel free to share your memories.

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Calling all Table Rockers

This category is for those Table Rockers who’d like to share a little bit about what’s happened since leaving the Village – where you are now and what you’re up to. Let us know!

What We're Doing Now

In Memoriam: Steve Hardesty

Steve Hardesty – Husband, Father, Respected Friend

In Memoriam

In Memoriam: Don Callendar

Don Callendar – Husband, Father, Scoutmaster & Friend

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