For those of you who’d like to reconnect with old friends from Table Rock, check out the Table Rock/Wamsutter Memories group on Facebook. Thanks, Kevin, for putting it together.  As of this update, the group is 192 members strong:

Table Rock/Wamsutter Memories

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  1. Barry D. Burrows

    Tablerock for me became a way of living life to the fullest never having a dull moment pass me by! I give many positive attributes to all who watched me grow upthere! From 6th grade until Highschool Graduation and then Serving in the United States Marine Corps my Tablerock Family was a melting pot of various races and we all stayed close even to this day! I am truly grateful to all and the blessings we all recieved while living there!!!!Negative attribubutes are far and in between but memories will always remain positive and go with me wherever I go!!!! Tablerock just isn’t a mountain but truly will remain a Desert Oasis for all to cherish! Love and miss you all!

    Barry D. Burrows

  2. Tammy Masters-Jeffers

    We had some wonderful times at TableRock,Building snow forts,sledding,riding motorcycles,the shootin range,the station up the way,playing touch football even though it got a little rough sometimes,the bands,the play ground oh the memories.Since we left after Dads motercycle accident thers not one day that goes by that I dont think about Everyone and all its memories.Miss you all, God Bless. Tammy

    • Jim Madden

      We lived next door to Vern Masters. On the Masters other side was the Bob Cook Family… The Masters family used to fry up doughnuts and deliver a plateful to our house every once in awhile.i never knew anything about a Motorcycle Accident. Dean Deathridge was the only ones that kept in touch for awhile …

  3. Joe

    Does anybody remember an article from National Geographic about table rock/red desert? If so, does anyone know the month/year?

    And if so, could you send me the info?? Please?

    Thanks so much!!

  4. Ellis Girrard

    My Story:
    I came to know Table Rock in summer of 1977. A friend had called me and asked if I would come help him do some building on homes being erected there. I lived in McCammon , Idaho at the time, had a new wife and a 16 month old baby daughter and was out of work, so this looked pretty good at the time.

    My new father-in-law was a very nice man, worked for the railroad and was also a very good carpenter, so he thought this would be a great opportunity for a new young family. We were told it was going to be out in the desert and hoped we had a camp trailer to stay in..we didn’t…but the father in law said we could use his pickup and slide in camper if we wanted..Perfect! So away we went, not knowing anything about what was to come. Two more McCammon boys also were asked to go..they were both known to me as they had been my teenage friends most my life.
    So there we were, a rag tag group of wanna be carpenters, heading into the unknow desert of Wyoming! We arrived to find some houses standing, was told what we were to do and set up our little ‘village’ of camp trailers onsite and waited to see just how this was going to pan out. I can’t remember exactly just how long we stayed, probably around a couple of months or so. The weather was mostly nice except for that blasted it came, didn’t like that at all, but at least you knew that would be quiting time..hahaha.

    What I remember the most, was how many Antelope there were just running free and the beautiful sunsets and the good times we had at the service station…thank goodness for that. We became very good customers and very good friends, even thow now I don’t remember names, and I wish I did.

    We never got to see the finished homes and the rest that came with the village, but I never forgot the good times I had with my ‘pals’ out there. We left to go to another project in Afton , Wyo. after that I returned home to work as a truck driver, going back into Wyoming many times..I’m sure I must have stopped at that little station, and Im sure my thoughts were of the time I was living there..what an experiance for a young man at the time…Thanks for having this page. I will come back and write of some of the funny stuff that happened..and thank all of you for leaving your storys, so kool! You can find me on facebook / Ellis Girrard email at

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