For those of you who’d like to reconnect with old friends from Table Rock, check out the Table Rock/Wamsutter Memories group on Facebook. Thanks, Kevin, for putting it together.  As of this update, the group is 192 members strong:

Table Rock/Wamsutter Memories

Feel free also to leave any comments, questions etc. here.


  1. Barry D. Burrows

    Tablerock for me became a way of living life to the fullest never having a dull moment pass me by! I give many positive attributes to all who watched me grow upthere! From 6th grade until Highschool Graduation and then Serving in the United States Marine Corps my Tablerock Family was a melting pot of various races and we all stayed close even to this day! I am truly grateful to all and the blessings we all recieved while living there!!!!Negative attribubutes are far and in between but memories will always remain positive and go with me wherever I go!!!! Tablerock just isn’t a mountain but truly will remain a Desert Oasis for all to cherish! Love and miss you all!

    Barry D. Burrows

  2. Tammy Masters-Jeffers

    We had some wonderful times at TableRock,Building snow forts,sledding,riding motorcycles,the shootin range,the station up the way,playing touch football even though it got a little rough sometimes,the bands,the play ground oh the memories.Since we left after Dads motercycle accident thers not one day that goes by that I dont think about Everyone and all its memories.Miss you all, God Bless. Tammy

    • Jim Madden

      We lived next door to Vern Masters. On the Masters other side was the Bob Cook Family… The Masters family used to fry up doughnuts and deliver a plateful to our house every once in awhile.i never knew anything about a Motorcycle Accident. Dean Deathridge was the only ones that kept in touch for awhile …

  3. Joe

    Does anybody remember an article from National Geographic about table rock/red desert? If so, does anyone know the month/year?

    And if so, could you send me the info?? Please?

    Thanks so much!!

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